Where Malaysian Hospitality meets the
Passion of Buenos Aires
The 11th Kuala Lumpur Tango Festival, 12 - 15th April, 2018, will deliver Malaysian Hospitality at its warmest & best. Our hand on our HEARTS!
Perennial favourites, Bruno and Rocio, return to Kuala Lumpur to share with us their passion, expertise, exquisite timing and musicality. As a teaching couple, they are a formidable combination – Rocio dances the male role as well as Bruno! 
Sebastian & Laura, will show us their winning form and impart what the judges look for in the Mundial competition. We have much to look forward to.
Venue for Workshops will be at Wisma OCM, Kuala Lumpur Dancers' Associaion, Hall of Fame. 
New, exciting Milonga venues:
Venue for all Milongas: The Royal Selangor Golf Club, celebrating their 125th Anniversary.

This continues a queer friendly Festival - meaning Leaders & Followers can be male or female and same gender couples are welcome. We are also warm, hospitable, fun-loving and Beginner-friendly.
Recommended hotels for easy reach of Workshops will be in the Chinatown area. Online bookings through Booking/Agoda.com. Excellent rates to suit all budgets. Festival choice is Swiss Inn, Jalan Sultan; most convenient is Olympic Hotel, connected to workshop venue.
Uber & Grabcar are readily available for all your transport needs. Download the free apps and you are ready to go.
Chinatown is the perfect tourist destination – all the shopping you desire, great eating, spa facilities and the most interesting walking tours, if you have the energy to explore, after your workshops and milongas.
For our foreign participants, Penang and Malacca are beautiful Heritage sites to visit as a sequel to your tango trip. Sun and sea lovers have a choice of many beautiful resorts on the East and West coast of Malaysia. 
There is also our National Rain Forest jungle to explore at Taman Negara. Check Tourism Malaysia website for more options.
One of the natural wonders of Kuala Lumpur are the magnificent Batu Caves - 
glorious and awesome limestone creations of Nature. After the caves, it would be easy to visit FRIM (Forest Reserve Institute of Malaysia). This is a convenient way of experiencing an ancient rain forest and 40 ft high canopy walk.
Malaysia truly Asia!
Marguerite, Andreas & Shu
Fuchong El Tanguero, Indonesia
He was born and raised in the Island of God, Bali. He started his Argentine Tango career on February 2009. 2 years later, he moved to the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, to deepen his knowledge of Tango. Since then, he has travelled numerously to Buenos Aires to immerse in the world of Argentine Tango.
Fuchong also actively participated in many festivals across Asia as participants, guest DJ, and/or International guest performers. About 4 years ago, he ventured to set up his own Milonga in Jakarta, where he is the Host and DJ. Under the flag of PACIENCIA MILONGA INDONESIA, he has help grown the Jakarta Tango community significantly. As a respectable and popular Tango teacher, he teaches and held Workshops at Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta, and Bali.
Bruno Tombari, Argentina
Who I am? A guy from the neighborhood of Villa Ortúzar, in the city of Buenos Aires, a tango dancer, a milonguero, a traveler, a teacher, a football fan, I laugh a lot and cry easily, I am fun and a little annoying.
I was born among pianists and opera singers, a family of musicians who did not have dancers. I knew Tango thanks to my old man. He was the one who gave me this world of hugs, this expressive and creative language, which became my profession, my passion, the best way to know the world and that allows me to meet wonderful people....
Bruno will spin on Thursday from 11 pm onwards.
Yutan Lin, Taiwan
She started her tango life in 2005. Before she got into Tango, she fell in love with Tango music first. Traveling for Tango since 2006, she's crazy to take Tango music/DJ lessons and conferences all around the world. Since her first DJing in 2008, she's been DJing in local milongas in Taipei, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Tokyo, Rome, San Diego, Tijuana(Mexico), Irvine(US), and some international Tango events like Osaka Tango Festival, Seoul Tango Marathon, and Vietnam Tango Marathon. She also organized Taiwan Tango Marathon, the first Tango Marathon with biggest DJ conference in Asia. Loving all kinds of Tango music and focusing on the balance, she arranges music to serve every dancer on the floor. Dancers always have lots fun in her smooth and thoughtful DJing.
Marguerite Brodie, Malaysia
Malaysian Tanguera of the first hour and founder of the KL Tango Festival.
She'll make your feet itchy during the first three hours of the Milonga Aluan on Thursday.
If you want to know more about her, watch the documentary
Faces of Malaysia: Marguerite Brodie...
Faces of Malaysia
Marguerite Brodie, founder of the Kuala Lumpur Tango Festival